1. Get the minor details right

Just because you are growing out the hairs on your face, doesn’t mean you have to neglect your nose, ear and eyebrow hairs! Because a shorter beard doesn’t demand as much attention as a large one, it means you need to keep all your other facial features in check. Crack out the tweezers, scissors or trimmers at least once a week and look after your skin, and you are 90% there! Eat well, stay trimmed up and take a bit of pride in your appearance!

2. Keep your neckline clean

Naturally, if you are keeping your beard at a shorter length - or even just waiting for it to grow out - your throat and neck will be more exposed. You need to make sure you trim up the loose hairs. This makes your beard look both more tidy, but also more full as it draws a harder line and stops it slowly fading down your neck. A good tip for where to trim is about half an inch up from your adam's apple. Make sure not to trim it up too high, this looks worse than not doing it at all!

3. Don’t hesitate on the Beard Oil or Balm

Beard oils and balms aren’t just for longer beards, they are a huge asset to shorter ones too! Often a new beard will start to get a bit itchy around the two week mark, but some high quality beard oil or balm can greatly soothe the skin, moisturise your beard and keep you focused on growing or maintaining it! Not only that, but they will make your beard look and smell a whole lot better too. Our Melbourne Beard Oil is some of the best available, but if you want to go one step higher check out our Premium Edition Beard oils. Or if a balm is more your style, we’ve got the best in the game here!

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