Promotes Beard Growth

Both our standard and Premium Edition Beard Oils contain a heap of Vitamin E which is well documented to stimulate the growth of capillaries which provides nutrients to the follicles. You are also a lot less likely to want to shave off a great looking, soft, well maintained beard as opposed to an itchy, wiry one!

Less Dandruff

Specially formulated to moisturise and soothe the skin, the combination of macadamia, almond, coconut and emu carrier oils are perfect for reducing beard dandruff. There’s nothing less appealing than stroking your beard and sprinkling your dead skin all over the front of your shirt.

Smells Amazing

Our premium blend of essential oils guarantee you will have THE best smelling face in the room. Not too aggressive or overbearing, but just enough to notice, it’s going to be hard to stop the girls from smelling your hyper-masculine facial hair.

Tame that Beast

Anyone with a beard knows that bed-beard-hair is a real thing. Melbourne Beard Oil is perfect for getting that beard neat and tidy, so you can look less like a homeless guy, and more like a rugged alpha male. Want your beard less puffy? Perfect. Want to put a brush through it? Nothing helps more than Melbourne Beard Oil.

Stops Dryness

A dry, rough beard can get really uncomfortable, really fast. Run some of our oil through it and stop your skin and hair from feeling rougher than tree bark.

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