Melbourne Beard Oil was born out of necessity in the suburb of Brunswick, Melbourne Victoria.

After a few months of growing my first decent length beard, I found myself with a dry, wiry beard far too often. I also noticed an upsetting amount of beard dandruff on the front of my shirts. Gross. Surely there was an answer.
Anti-dandruff shampoo fixed the dandruff issue, but the beard was still dry and rough. I asked my bearded housemate if he got any itchy beard skin as well. He confirmed that most bearded bandits merely put up with it for the rest of their bearded lives. That’s when I discovered other guys were using beard oil. But, the Australian options were either over priced, or poor quality. The US stuff was better, but paying postage was often not worth it, and the fragrance options still weren’t quite great.

It was a classic “ah-ha” moment when I figured I could make a better product for a better price myself.
So after a lot of learning about oils, fragrances, online stores and how men like their beards, Melbourne Beard Oil was born.

Hand bottled and labelled, each order is personally looked after from the moment you place it, to the moment it gets mailed to you.