Patchy beard?

1. Comparing yourself to others

 They say if money is the root of all evil, then comparison is the root of all misery. There’s so many amazing beards out there that are shown again and again on instagram and social media, but for every perfectly thick, luscious beard, there’s about 50 that don’t grow perfectly - and that’s fine! Just like the hair on your head, your beard is completely unique to you. Appreciate how far up on your cheeks your beard starts, how far down your neck it grows and how thick or thin it might be. Own it.

2. Not letting your beard grow out

 Letting your beard grow out is a great way to let the thick parts of your beard fill in the thinner parts! With every new beard there’s always that ‘in-between’ phase where you don’t really have a beard but it’s definitely longer than stubble. This is the period when a lot of men start complaining about their patchy beard then end up shaving - don’t! Give it time, trust us.

3. Neglecting your beard

 Here’s a little secret - most guys with amazing beards spend at least a little time maintaining and looking after their beard. Unless you are going for the full Grizzly Adams wild man beard, you will greatly benefit from a trim every now and again (to give your beard some defined shape) some beard wash and of course some beard oil or balm!

Doing these few things alone can greatly improve the appearance of a patchy beard.

4. Buying in to ‘growth’ products

 Your genetics play the largest role in how full or patchy your beard grows in, and while there are a number of things you can do to promote growth, ‘growth’ beard oils aren’t really a thing - at least not in the sense that you rub the oil on your face and viola - hair grows! Save yourself the money and disappointment and skip the rubbish ‘growth oils’ - if they worked we’d have them stocked!

5. Not giving your beard enough time to grow

 To extend on point two, not only do beards thicken up and patches fill in after a few weeks or months, but beards really come in to their own as you mature - think years! The quality of beard you grow when you are 20 will be a lot weaker than a beard when you are 23, and again at 30 etc! We all know that one hairy bastard who has had an awesome beard since year 12, but most men’s beards are somewhat patchy in their early twenties, but then proceed to fill in, becoming as thick as they will ever be sometime in their early thirties. If you’ve grown a beard a few years ago and didn’t like the way it looked because it was patchy, don’t hesitate to give it another shot - odds are it will be a lot better this time around!

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